Issue #1

You can now read the entire first issue of Tvergastein online!


First Issue has Arrived!

The first issue of Tvergastein is hot out of the press! We just received them at our “office” at SUM and they look amazing.

Fresh out of the press!

The first issue features contributions from several distinguished authors such as Dr. Vandana Shiva, professor Robyn Eckersley and professor David Rothenburg. It also includes a lengthy interview with professor Bruno Latour.

If you want to be among the first to get your hands on the first issue join us at our launch party at Litteraturhuset on Thursday 24.5 19:00. The event will also feature a spirited debate between Professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Leader of the Green Party Hanna Marcussen, and two contributors to the first issue Professor Nina Witoszek and Eivind Trædal.

First Issue Is on its Way!

Tvergastein’s first issue has been sent to print! We’re looking forward to presenting it to the world the 24th of may at Litteraturhuset, from 19.00.

The first issue includes contributions from authors from around the world, both students and academics, covering a range of topics, from water rights in developing countries to climate change in the media, the Rio Earth Summit to sustainable community design.

We are also proud to present contributions from some prominent figures in the discussion of environmental issues: Environmental and human rights activist Vandana Shiva, who presents the forward from her forthcoming book;  an article from Robyn Eckersly, author of The Green State; and an interview with renowned academic Bruno Latour about his thoughts on contemporary environmental issues.

See you at Litteraturhuset and online for a discussion of the issues at hand!