Tvergastein’s Second Edition – Coming Soon!

We are pleased to announce Tvergastein’s heavily anticipated second edition will be out early December! We will have copies situated around the campuses of Oslo Blindern and Ås University, and of course the online edition will be available around the same time.

In this edition we focus on ‘The Opening of the Arctic’ with a diverse range of articles addressing many questions that are seldom talked about in the mainstream media. Such as, what will the future of political cooperation in the Arctic look like?  How should fisheries be regulated in the region? How are bird populations coping with the changing environment? And of course; should we allow the extraction of fossil fuels in newly opened areas of the Arctic?

In addition, we have published statements written exclusively for Tvergastein by the former Minster of Foreign Affairs, Jonas Gahr Støre (replaced by Espen Eide in September of this year), as well as by Statoil’s Vice President and head of the company’s Arctic unit, Runi M. Hansen. Thus, we hope giving our readers a clear insight in to Norwegian political and business views, and involvement in the far North.

Moreover, we have Statements from the ICC (Inuit Circumpolar Council), Norwegian Green Party (Miljøpartiet), and not forgetting a great interview with Norway’s most famous polar explorer Børge Ousland.

Information about the launch night for this edition can be found on the ‘Announcements’ page – we hope you can make it!


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