Launch of Tvergastein #4 – Should we kill the car?


Join Tvergastein for the launch of our fourth issue entitled: “Should We Kill the Car?”.

The event will be hosted on Saturday April 5th at Litteraturhuset (Wergelandsveien 29, 0167 Oslo, Norway), at 6pm.

We will be hosting a panel discussion and conversation about the future of the car. When the car was first introduced to the masses it was meant to represent individual freedom, modernity and the future. For many, it still does. However, transport is also one of the main causes of greenhouse gas emissions. In light of growing environmental challenges worldwide, we ask the question whether it is really sustainable to keep using cars. Are “green cars” the answer? Are they a feasible alternative? What are the alternatives to using a car? How does city planning potentially impact car-usage, or abstention thereof? 

Kit Fai Næss will kick-start the evening with some introductory words.

Lars Gaupset, Central board member of the Green Party;
Aud Tennøy, Research Manager for Public Transport, Land Use and Transport Planning at the Institute of Transport Economics.

The debate will be moderated by Eivind Trædal, Communications Advisor for Naturvernforbundet.

Further panelists to be announced. 

We will round-off the evening with some fun music. Join us for an evening filled with interesting conversations and good fun! We look forward to seeing you there!


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