Call for Papers “Leaving the Box: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Initiatives”

Tvergastein is now seeking contributions to our next issue:

Leaving the Box: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and InitiativesISSUE 6 POSTER SOCIAL MEDIA VERSION

Deadline: June 10th 2015

Contribute to an interdisciplinary conversation around the positive initiatives, ideas, projects, and solutions from around the world that address the social, economic and environmental issues of today.

What are the businesses and who are the people working with creative solutions to the problems facing our society? Which ideas are at the forefront of building a sustainable future? In what way do policies facilitate this and what is the process of thinking outside the box?  What role do innovative thinkers play in creating a more sustainable future? Are businesses “going green” simply in response to a trend, or is this the way of the future?

If you have a finished text, old exam paper that can be edited, or simply a good idea for an article, send us an e-mail. We promise you fair feedback and help in the editing process before publication.

We accept contributions in Norwegian and English in two categories:

Op-ed style (2 000- 5 000 Characters)

Academic style (10 000 – 20 000 Characters)

We are also looking for illustrations and photos! if you have a piece you think would illustrate our theme well, send it in! We accept both color and black and white submissions. All illustrations and photos must be sent in a resolution higher than 300 dpi.

Please contact us if you would like to submit!


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