Call for Papers – Alternative Economic Spaces

Tvergastein is now accepting submissions for its next issue:
Deadline: April 16, 2017cfp-image

In the last 200 years of economic growth the capitalist way of thinking has become dominant, leading some to argue that our imagination has been captured by ‘economism’ – “the reduction of all social relations to market logic” 1, referring to an emphasis on markets, competition, monetization of value and profit maximization.

Alternatives to this paradigm have emerged that are attempting to realign the economy with ecological limits and social values. For Tvergastein issue #9 we are looking for critical discussions on alternative economic spaces, examples of which could include transition towns, community gardens, cooperative business models, seed libraries, couchsurfing, or time banks. We invite also reflections on the relationship between alternative economic spaces and sustainability on a more general level.

We request contributors to argue why their example qualifies as an alternative economic space and how they further the goal of sustainability. The contributions could address questions such as: How have these initiatives managed to establish themselves and what challenges do they face? What future directions might they take? Can they be scaled up or is mainstreaming them even desirable?

If you are interested in contributing to this issue, please see our Contributors page for more details. 

DEADLINE: April 16, 2017



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