Tvergastein is based at the Centre for Development and Environment (SUM), an interdisciplinary research center associated with the University of Oslo. In line with the unique role that Arne Næss played in the formation and mission of SUM, as well as his seminal contributions to literature on the environment, we have chosen the name of Næss’ much-beloved mountain cabin Tvergastien for our journal.

As students focusing on environmental and development issues we find the absence of a journal on these topics at the University of Oslo to be an absence too long sustained, especially when considering the ever-increasing necessity of thinking and scholarship in these fields. Our hope is that Tvergastein will become a nexus between students and the wider academic community wherein the important environmental issues that the world faces can be discussed.  As many of us are members of a generation educated in interdisciplinary learning environments, we also feel we have a unique role to play in demonstrating the viability and advantages of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research approaches.  As such we intend for Tvergastien to include articles based in a variety of academic disciplines.

On this blog you can expect updates of articles, interviews and opinion pieces relating to the environment.

Interested in subsrcibing? Send us an e-mail: tvergastein@sum.uio.no


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