Issue #8 – Something to Declare – Unpacking Travel(2016)

Winter  Edition (Published online December 1st 2016).


Issue #7 – Urban Stories – Searching for the Sustainable City (2016)

Summer Edition (Published online September 19th 2016).

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 11.27.41 AM.png

Issue #6 – Leaving the box – Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Initiatives (2015)

Autumn Edition (Published online September 24th 2015).

Special edition which also celebrates the Centre for Development and the Environment´s 25th Anniversary 

Issue #5 – Food Rights and Food Fights (2014)

Autumn Edition (Published online November 12th 2014).

Issue #4 – Should We Kill the Car? (2014)

Spring Edition (Published online March 30th 2014).


Issue #3 – Adaptation and its Limits (2013)

Autumn Edition (Published online October 2nd 2013).

From Tvergastein #3: Peter Gufu Oba – Rock Art Pastoralists in the Horn of Africa

Issue #2 – The Opening of the Arctic (2012)

2012 Winter Edition (Published online December 3rd 2012).

Issue #1 – Tvergastein (2012)

2012 Spring Edition (Published online May 26th 2012).


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