Digital Edition of Tvergastein #4: “Should We Kill the Car?”

Good news! The digital edition of Tvergastein issue 4 is now online!

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Issue #1-3

While you wait for the online version of our newest issue entitled “Should we Kill the Car?” we thought you might enjoy to revisit our earlier publications.

Issue #1: “Tvergastein”
Our first issue serves as an introduction to our journal. Named after the cabin of Norwegian philosopher and founder of deep ecology, Arne Næss, Tvergastein’s goal is to be a meeting place between academia and the environmental movement.

The issue contains contributions from noted scholars such as Robin Eckersly, Vandana Shiva, and David Rothenburg, and is complemented by an interview with Bruno Latour.


Issue #2: “The Opening of the Arctic”
At the same time as the Arctic ice cap is receding due to global warming the Arctic itself is emerging as the new frontier for shipping and fossil fuel extraction.

Our second issue thematizes this double opening with articles by former foreign minister of Norway Jonas Gahr Støre, Hanna Marcussen of MDG, and professor Lawrence Buell.


Issue #3: “Adaptation and its Limits”

The two main strategies for confronting the challenge of climate change have been mitigation and adaptation. In this issue we asked what adaptation to new climates entails and demands of us. Scholars like Dr. Kari Marie Nordgaard, and Professor Gufu Oba contributed.

Launch of Tvergastein #4 – Should we kill the car?


Join Tvergastein for the launch of our fourth issue entitled: “Should We Kill the Car?”.

The event will be hosted on Saturday April 5th at Litteraturhuset (Wergelandsveien 29, 0167 Oslo, Norway), at 6pm.

We will be hosting a panel discussion and conversation about the future of the car. When the car was first introduced to the masses it was meant to represent individual freedom, modernity and the future. For many, it still does. However, transport is also one of the main causes of greenhouse gas emissions. In light of growing environmental challenges worldwide, we ask the question whether it is really sustainable to keep using cars. Are “green cars” the answer? Are they a feasible alternative? What are the alternatives to using a car? How does city planning potentially impact car-usage, or abstention thereof? 

Kit Fai Næss will kick-start the evening with some introductory words.

Lars Gaupset, Central board member of the Green Party;
Aud Tennøy, Research Manager for Public Transport, Land Use and Transport Planning at the Institute of Transport Economics.

The debate will be moderated by Eivind Trædal, Communications Advisor for Naturvernforbundet.

Further panelists to be announced. 

We will round-off the evening with some fun music. Join us for an evening filled with interesting conversations and good fun! We look forward to seeing you there!

Launch of Tvergastein #3 – Adaptation and its limits


Join us for the launch of our third issue! The event will take place at Litteraturhuset at 6:00 PM


* Introduction by the editorial board
* Introduction by philosopher Inga Bolstad
  *Green stand up by Adam T.

* Panel discussion: what are the limits of climate adaptation?
Moderator: Maryam Faghih Imani, Grønt UiO

* Panelists:

Asuncioun St. Clair, CICERO
Silje Lundberg, Natur og Ungdom
Per Espen Stoknes (BI)

Room: Amalie Skram

Tvergastein is seeking contributions

The environmental journal Tvergastein is seeking contributions. The theme of our next issue is “Adaptation (and its limits)”

In a world characterized by accentuated environmental fluctuations, the potential for adaptation of human societies to global changes may be crucial for the future of our species. The purpose of this issue is to explore this potential through a range of academic fields. We are especially interested in contributions from the biological sciences, which could draw parallels from an evolutionary perspective, with an emphasis on the flexibility and limits of organisms, past and present, facing environmental changes.

Academic texts on non-thematic environmental issues in general will also be considered. In addition, we are looking for illustrations and photography to complement our articles.

Tvergastein accepts contribution from all academic fields, in Norwegian and English. We’re looking for academic texts between 5000 and 20 000 characters in length, spaces included.

Deadline: April 15th

Looking for a designer/new board member!

Do you have experience with Photoshop and InDesign? Are you passionate about environmental issues? Tvergastein is looking for a new designer/board member to aid us with our design needs. Send a sample of your design work and a paragraph or two telling us why you are interested in being a part of Tvergastein.

Please direct applications to:

You’re Invited to Tvergastein’s Launch Night: ‘The Opening of the Arctic’

Tvergastein Journal in collaboration with Green UiO are happy to announce some basic Information about our Launch Night for the up and coming edition: ‘The Opening of the Arctic’

Where: At Litteraturhuset on the 3rd floor (2nd floor if you’re American or British) in the  Nedjma room.

When: Monday 3rd December starting at 18:00 and finishing around 20:00 (people who would like to stay longer can join us downstairs in the bar area afterwards)

Full Program Details

18:00 Opening talk: Karen O’Brien

18:15 Arctic Photo presentation: Lena Gross

18:30 Arctic Panel Debate – Siri Meling (The Conservative Party) and Arild Moe (Fridtjof Nansens institute)

19:30 Concert: Morten Myklebust (

20:00 End of the program

Refreshment will be served and alcoholic beverages can be purchased from the bar on the 1st floor.

We hope you can make it!

Tvergastein’s Second Edition – Coming Soon!

We are pleased to announce Tvergastein’s heavily anticipated second edition will be out early December! We will have copies situated around the campuses of Oslo Blindern and Ås University, and of course the online edition will be available around the same time.

In this edition we focus on ‘The Opening of the Arctic’ with a diverse range of articles addressing many questions that are seldom talked about in the mainstream media. Such as, what will the future of political cooperation in the Arctic look like?  How should fisheries be regulated in the region? How are bird populations coping with the changing environment? And of course; should we allow the extraction of fossil fuels in newly opened areas of the Arctic?

In addition, we have published statements written exclusively for Tvergastein by the former Minster of Foreign Affairs, Jonas Gahr Støre (replaced by Espen Eide in September of this year), as well as by Statoil’s Vice President and head of the company’s Arctic unit, Runi M. Hansen. Thus, we hope giving our readers a clear insight in to Norwegian political and business views, and involvement in the far North.

Moreover, we have Statements from the ICC (Inuit Circumpolar Council), Norwegian Green Party (Miljøpartiet), and not forgetting a great interview with Norway’s most famous polar explorer Børge Ousland.

Information about the launch night for this edition can be found on the ‘Announcements’ page – we hope you can make it!