Space for Debate: Climate Change, Climate Denial and the Logic of the Media

Climate change denialism is an ever-present feature of the current environmental discourse. In this text Angi Buettner argues that the very logic of the media produces a rethoric-driven public debate about climate change that leads both to misrepresentations of facts as well as an undercommunication of politically and scientifically vital information. 

Illustration: Eirik Severeide.

The more the scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change consolidates (indicating that urgent and drastic action is needed), the louder climate change denial becomes, and a growing number of politicians support environmental policies that do not address climate change; there are complex political, financial, and psychological explanations for this (see for example Dickinson [1]; Hamilton [2]; Marshall [3]). In this context, it is useful to consider how these developments are reflected in the media coverage of climate change.

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