We are happy to announce the launch of our latest issue:

Cultivating Change: Seedlings of Economic Alternatives

Could private and community initiatives be seedlings from which economic alternatives bloom? Scattered within a wider discussion of the connections between economic systems, social relations and environmental problems, we seek to understand the potential of such seedlings.

Join us in celebrating this issue with guest speakers Desmond McNeill and Martin Peres

When: August 31, 18:00

Where: Skippergata 22, Oslo

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Call for Papers – Building Bridges


In celebration of Tvergastein’s 10th issue, we are returning to the roots of the journal and the aspirations on which it was born. With a desire to contribute to environmental advocacy as a whole, Tvergastein hopes to reach readers not only within, but also outside of academic circles.  The environmental challenges we face today present a great need for communication and collaboration between all parts of our societies.  In light of this we ask; how are environmental issues, and the way they are communicated, perceived by different groups? How can ‘building bridges’ help to engage the general public, as well as policy-makers, in environmental issues that the academic community knows so well? And is engagement with these issues enough to result in action?

If you are interested in contributing to this issue, please see our Contributors page for more details. 

DEADLINE: September 30, 2017

Call for Papers – Alternative Economic Spaces

Tvergastein is now accepting submissions for its next issue:
Deadline: April 16, 2017cfp-image

In the last 200 years of economic growth the capitalist way of thinking has become dominant, leading some to argue that our imagination has been captured by ‘economism’ – “the reduction of all social relations to market logic” 1, referring to an emphasis on markets, competition, monetization of value and profit maximization.

Alternatives to this paradigm have emerged that are attempting to realign the economy with ecological limits and social values. For Tvergastein issue #9 we are looking for critical discussions on alternative economic spaces, examples of which could include transition towns, community gardens, cooperative business models, seed libraries, couchsurfing, or time banks. We invite also reflections on the relationship between alternative economic spaces and sustainability on a more general level.

We request contributors to argue why their example qualifies as an alternative economic space and how they further the goal of sustainability. The contributions could address questions such as: How have these initiatives managed to establish themselves and what challenges do they face? What future directions might they take? Can they be scaled up or is mainstreaming them even desirable?

If you are interested in contributing to this issue, please see our Contributors page for more details. 

DEADLINE: April 16, 2017


Tvergastein Issue #8 Now Available!

Tvergastein Issue 8 – Something to Declare: Unpacking TravelTvergastein Issue 8 – Something to Declare: Unpacking Travel is now available online!

This issue explores the topic of travel – both of people and things – and the social, cultural and environmental implications that it carries with it. Through a variety of authors and articles, we look to ‘unpack’ the issues involved in travel.


Tvergastein Issue #8 Launch Party!

We are happy to announce the launch of our latest issue:


This issue features articles from various disciplines and destinations, discussing the environmental, social and cultural implications of travel, situated a world that is dominated by advances in technology and increasing globalisation.

Join us for an evening of thought provoking discussions and tasty treats!

When: December 14, 18:00

Where: Ugla Bokbar (Kristian Augusts gate 7A, Oslo)issue-8-launch

Tvergastein Issue # 7 Now Available!

Tvergastein Issue #7: Urban Stories – Searching for the Sustainable City is now available online – and available to download!

This issue takes a closer look at the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal # 11 – To make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. We take this goal and look deeper into the question, how are cities made?


Call for Papers – TRAVEL

Tvergastein is now accepting submissions for its next issue:
Deadline: August 31, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 5.14.57 PM

Travel. It takes us where we want to go. It connects us – both with each other and with the things we use, want and wish for.

With advancements in technology and globalization, our concept of travel has transformed. Places in the world are much closer to us than they used to be. With the click of a button we can see a far off land, or buy a ticket to visit it. We can order goods from halfway around the world and receive them in the matter of days, but we can also attend a conference in a distant place from the comfort of our own home.

At the same time environmental, social and cultural factors force us to reconsider the concept of travel. The transportation of people and goods around the world accounts for approximately one quarter of global energy consumption and 14% of global emissions.1

Can we consider reducing travel, or have we and the global system become too addicted to it? Do we limit our ability to gain greater perspectives and understanding of the world? Does travel help us to realize the need to advocate for those places far out of reach?

Tvergastein Issue 8 is now open for contributions to an interdisciplinary exploration of the forces and factors that inform the concept of travel.  We look to explore the travel of people and of things, and to explore the development of travel, its necessity and the implications it creates, as well as its alternative and future possibilities.

If you are interested in contributing to this issue, please see our Contributors page for more details. 


Call for Papers “Leaving the Box: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Initiatives”

Tvergastein is now seeking contributions to our next issue:

Leaving the Box: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and InitiativesISSUE 6 POSTER SOCIAL MEDIA VERSION

Deadline: June 10th 2015

Contribute to an interdisciplinary conversation around the positive initiatives, ideas, projects, and solutions from around the world that address the social, economic and environmental issues of today.

What are the businesses and who are the people working with creative solutions to the problems facing our society? Which ideas are at the forefront of building a sustainable future? In what way do policies facilitate this and what is the process of thinking outside the box?  What role do innovative thinkers play in creating a more sustainable future? Are businesses “going green” simply in response to a trend, or is this the way of the future?

If you have a finished text, old exam paper that can be edited, or simply a good idea for an article, send us an e-mail. We promise you fair feedback and help in the editing process before publication.

We accept contributions in Norwegian and English in two categories:

Op-ed style (2 000- 5 000 Characters)

Academic style (10 000 – 20 000 Characters)

We are also looking for illustrations and photos! if you have a piece you think would illustrate our theme well, send it in! We accept both color and black and white submissions. All illustrations and photos must be sent in a resolution higher than 300 dpi.

Please contact us if you would like to submit!

“Food Rights and Food Fights” Launch Invitation

MAJOBO and Tvergastein cordially invite you to join us for this event which puts the spotlight on some very important issues regarding our food and our food system.

What do we know about the food that we eat? How does the global food system work? Can the system be fixed?The interdisciplinary academic journal Tvergastein launches its fifth issue which focuses on food rights and food fights. We will also screen the American documentary “Food Fight”, followed by a panel discussion (held in English). The evening will be rounded off on a lighter tone with live music and ample opportunities to mingle with like-minded people. Free entrance.

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